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Room Scrolling Exampledownloads: 844 | type: zip | size: 43 kB

 This example shows you how to create rooms that scroll automatically independent of the players actions. There are two version, one that will not let you leave the screen and one that will kill you if you leave the left side of the screen. Both will still let the player die by leaving the bottom of the screen. I made a simple version of this for a GMC user, decided to expand it to include collisions, jumping and gravity to show it in use. For GM7, will make a 5 or 6 version upon request!

Weapon Reload Exampledownloads: 688 | type: zip | size: 17 kB

 This example shows how to reload your weapon from ‘clips’ and display the number of clips available to the player. It also shows how to collect clips and add them to your total.

Two Player Split Screen Exampledownloads: 670 | type: zip | size: 9 kB

 If you can come up with a more creative title, I'm going to give you a cookie. My first example, so bad, but does the job. Originally Uploaded by Mast3rmind

Triple Jump Mario 64 Style in 2Ddownloads: 700 | type: zip | size: 13 kB

 This is an example of a triple jump Mario style as seen in Super Mario 64. If you quickly jump 3 times in a row he will jump a little higher each time reaching his maximum height on the 3rd jump. You have to quickly press the jump key again after landing to jump higher on the next jump. This download includes both a .gmd for Game Maker 5x and a .gm6 for Game Maker 6x

Text Based Adventure Game Exampledownloads: 711 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

 Pretty basic… This just shows some of the basic stuff you need for a text-based game. It’s not too difficult at all to figure out how this works. Originally Uploaded by Hootie Hoo

Teleport Example downloads: 593 | type: zip | size: 8 kB

 Yep. Click anywhere and the little guy will alpha out, then back in where you clicked. Amazing! =D Shows how to make a cool teleporter without letting the character teleport into the walls or teleport while the character is already teleporting. Originally Uploaded by Hootie Hoo

Tank and Turret Exampledownloads: 638 | type: zip | size: 134 kB

 This example shows you how to create a tank and turret where the turret is a separate object from the tank and moves independently of the tank and follows the mouse cursor around the screen. This can also be applied to other things besides tanks.

Sonic Style Runningdownloads: 563 | type: zip | size: 24 kB

 This example demonstrates one way of having your player start at a slow speed and gradually build to a fast run the longer the button is held, similar to Sonic the Hedgehog. No it dosen’t include loops smiley It also demonstrates 2 ways of stopping, the right release will bring him to a dead stop, but running left and releasing the key will cause him to slow down to a gradual stop.

Simple Health Bardownloads: 550 | type: zip | size: 25 kB

 This example show how to create a health bar for your player. If you need help with multiple health bars check out our Dual health bar also on this site. There is a tutorial about this example in the Tutorials Section.

Unregistered Sprite Rotationdownloads: 502 | type: zip | size: 2 kB

 This is a quick example showing how to rotate a sprite 360 degrees without image_angle so you don’t need to be registered. If you are registered then check out image_angle it is quicker. This ZIP also contains a PDF of the tutorial posted on this site. Download includes both a .gmd for GM 5x and a .gm6 for Game Maker 6x

Random Word Generatordownloads: 598 | type: zip | size: 2 kB

 Basically, this takes the name of a random Greek letter (alpha, theta, omicron, etc) and adds some numbers and letters to it, randomly. Use this for a space-type RTS or something. =D No credit required this time Originally Uploaded by Hootie Hoo

Platform Slopesdownloads: 559 | type: zip | size: 8 kB

 This example will show you how to create slopes that your player can walk up and down in a side view platform game. Download includes both a .gmd for GM 5x and a .gm6 for Game Maker 6x

Pause Menu Exampledownloads: 589 | type: zip | size: 21 kB

 This example will show you how to pause a game with a pause menu. As a bonus it contains a merge file stripped of extra resources so that you can simple merge the pause file with your game! This download contains 2 .gmd files for Game Maker 5x (pause.gmd & pause_merge.gmd) and 2 .gm6 files for Game Maker 6.x (pause.gm6 & pause_merge.gm6)

Password Room Exampledownloads: 533 | type: zip | size: 329 kB

 This is an example of how to make a password room. It starts with a game main menu, pressing the password button takes you to another room where you can type a password to skip levels. Could be modified for a cheat screen as well.

Jump Through Platformsdownloads: 539 | type: zip | size: 7 kB

 This is a small example of a simple jump through platform, it makes the platform non-solid long enough for you to jump through and makes it solid again. Originally Uploaded by Mast3rmind

Item Holding Exampledownloads: 539 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

 An example that shows how to hold items, like in Qube. The only difference is that you drop the item if you jump upwards into a wall. Not very advanced, but it’s cool. Originally Uploaded by Hootie Hoo

Invincibility On Collisiondownloads: 504 | type: zip | size: 21 kB

 Learn how to make your player invincible and blink for a short time when you collide with an enemy object for a short period of invincibilty.

Multiple Status\Health Barsdownloads: 622 | type: zip | size: 16 kB

 This example shows how to use variables and GML to create multiple health bars on the screen without using the built in health variable. This can help you add more depth to your game, and they can be used for many uses besides just health!

Double Jump Exampledownloads: 564 | type: zip | size: 13 kB

 This example shows a way of doing a double jump where you can quickly jump a second time when the player reaches the top of his first jump. This download includes both a .gmd for Game Maker 5x and a .gm6 for Game Maker 6x

Context Menu Exampledownloads: 536 | type: zip | size: 317 kB

 This is a small example of how to use the little pop up menu in GM that is similar to the Right Click context menu in Windows. Example is fully commented. This download includes both a .gmd for GM 5x and a .gm6 for GM 6x

Collisionless Platform Exampledownloads: 551 | type: zip | size: 3 kB

 Have you ever wanted to make a platfrom game, but got frustrated by how messy all the collision events were? Try this example. A little note: You can create more wall objects of different sizes, and have their parent be obj_ground, and it’ll work.

Cheat Code Exampledownloads: 531 | type: zip | size: 310 Bytes

 This is a small example showing you how to add cheat codes to your game, when you press th “C” key a small box will pop up asking you to enter a cheat code. This could also be modified for a simple password. The ZIP Contains both a 5.3 version and a 6.1 version of the file.

Sample Particle Effectsdownloads: 627 | type: zip | size: 19 kB

A bunch of really neat particle effects… I’m not sure, but I think it includes a curser script in there, too. Updated 6/18/06, fixed 6/24/06 Wow, rated 4/5. OMG FIXED!! AGAIN!! I added some popcorn and an explosion that looks like crap. The popcorn is fun. Originally Uploaded by Hootie Hoo

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