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This interview was originally posted by Eric Tingler April 17, 2012

Jesse Venbrux Interview

We had the great honor of asking They Need to Be Fed creator, Jesse Venbrux, a couple questions. I have been playing They Need to Be Fed, and loving it. I for one could not wait to hear back from him! Read on for the Q&A.  

GM Podcast: I have been playing They Need to Be Fed, and really enjoying it. What inspired you to make it?

Jesse: The gravity gameplay was originally inspired by Super Mario Galaxy. I loved the idea of making a PSP game for the competition, and with limited time I had to keep the game simple. It's easy to come up with lots of weirdly shaped objects and big planets but ultimately the simple squares and circles were most fun to play with.  

GM Podcast: When did you start using GameMaker, why, and what made you stick with it?

Jesse: I had thought of making games before and also made many board and card games as a kid. In 2003 I found Game Maker through Google and loved how easy it was with drag & drop. My first game was built upon one of the tutorials.  

GM Podcast: GameMaker has come a long way. What do you think of GameMaker: Studio, and how do you think its going to change the community?

Jesse: I don't know if the community will change much as I think it's really aimed at more professional developers, but I hope it can encourage newcomers to one day make the step to Studio. It's a goal you can aim for, especially as we get more success stories from commercial Game Maker games.  

GM Podcast: What made you want to be a game developer?

Jesse: Making things is in my genes as my parents are both artists, and I always enjoyed entertaining people with my work. Games are a new and exciting territory to explore and has been most successful for me to gain a little bit of recognition and in the end money.  

GM Podcast: What do you have planned for the future?

Jesse: I'm working on some new ideas for iPhone, and want to make something designed for touch screen (without virtual buttons). However, a new Karoshi game is also in planning stages.  

GM Podcast: Do you have any advice for the GameMaker community?

Jesse: My goal has always been to create something original, so I'll try and give advice on how I think you can make something that feels new. Firstly, I think a good method is to just look at existing good ideas and apply them to a different context. An example would be to take Super Mario Galaxy's gravity and use it for a 2D game. Secondly: I recently heard John Cleese say that people who come up with something original don't go for the easy solution, but they keep trying. I think this is very true, and I think the strength of Game Maker is that it's relatively easy to iterate on your ideas. So ultimately my advice is to combine different ideas and just keep trying. Don't be easily satisfied.  

GM Podcast:  In a recent interview with NALGames creator, Andrew McCluskey, he said that you are one of his inspirations. How does it make you feel knowing people think of you this way? That you have inspired other great game developers?

Jesse: It makes me very happy to hear that especially since I was at YoYo Games together with him for a short time and have a lot of respect for him.  

So there you have it people. Leave your comments bellow! I also just want to thank Jesse for his time, and answers! Thanks Jesse!

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