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gameSyncLB is an extension for GameMaker: Studio that will allow you to create a high score list for your game and store it in a MySQL database. This will allow you to have a global high score list of all users playing your game! It will also allow different versions of your game across platforms (Windows, Android iOS, etc) to share the same high score table. The extension works with all GameMaker Studio exports!

gameSyncLB is a lite version of our gameSyncHS extension that is slimmed down and has far less features, in fact ot only does 3 things:

  • Inserts in to a database
  • Retrieves the high score list from the database
  • Retrieves the lowest score from the database to make a comparison with

The extension is super easy to set up and integrate! It will work with your current scoring system so you don't need to change a thing! All you need to do is pull the current lowest score from the database, and compare it against your players score to see if the players score made the list or not.

You can use the included objects to integrate the system, or create your own with the scripts!
Works on ALL platforms!
Use data from the database for your game AND your website to create a more cohesive interactive experience!
Absolutely no knowledge of PHP or MySQL required!

With this extension you will recieve full unlimited support! Don't have a clue how to get started? Thats OK we will help you! Every effort has been made to make this extension as easy to use as possible as it has been designed for use by people with little to no PHP knowledge to start using it quickly. If your profecient in PHP however you can jump right in and modify it even further!

With the extension you will recieve:

A quick start guide to get you up and running fast
A guide for all the functions
The SQL table you need to get started ready to be imported into your database
The PHP Script that drives the back end of the extension

Requirements for this extension:

A PHP enabled webhost with SQL support
FTP access to your host, or otherwise acces to upload files such as a web based file manager
The rights to create and modify a table on the database
The devices using this extension will need an internet connection to fetch the data from your webhost
The PHP script used PDO for cross compatability between SQL databases.

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