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gameSyncSC is an extension for GameMaker: Studio that will allow you to add a complete social experience inside your game! Allow your players to discuss your game, or anything you like without ever leaving your app. Player stuck? They can jump in to the social section and ask other players or find the answer from someone that has already asked! Categories will allow you to link in to other games as well!

gameSyncSC is like a hybrid of a web forum, twitter, and Miiverse. The conversations are intended to be short and to the point, and the categories are designed to be game specific.

  • Favorite posts to keep track of posts you like
  • Friends list
  • Private Messaging
  • User account system
  • Add a category for every game in your catalog to help users discover your other games!
  • Conplete customization, design it to fit in your game!
  • More features to come!
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